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In the photograph, you see a young Ángela Martínez Alesanco, our mother, drinking from a wineskin accompanied by her parents Pedro and Pilar, along with her grandparents. And a very young Pedro Martínez who barely peeks above the wooden “camportones” used to transport grapes.
In the old cellars that we still maintain today, appear a young Ángela and Pedro Martínez Alesanco with their parents Pedro Martínez and Pilar Alesanco, tireless workers from whom they inherited their entrepreneurial spirit, perfectionism, and wisdom.
Many years have passed since Pilar Alesanco, our grandmother, used to prepare food for the whole family on grape harvest days. Many things have changed and many people are no longer with us, but we continue their way of working, their way of harvesting the grapes and taking care of the vineyards, and we preserve their memory.
1985 - 1989
The most common question visitors ask is what year we started making wine. It is a difficult question to answer because our family has always been rooted in the countryside and the vineyard. We ran and played in the vineyards and we learned that from our parents and grandparents.
In 1993, we made wine in 12 old cellars in the village, some we owned and some were rented. In 1994, after much effort and sacrifice, we finally built our first cellar with modern facilities. The first harvest of this new era was done there without a roof.
The last photo with our grandfather. He could see the legacy he built and his four grandchildren taking the reins of the winery.
For many it was a year to forget, and for us it was a hard year. But we were also very pleased because we finished the new facilities that focus on wine aging and the customer experience in the winery. It was an inauguration without big celebrations, parties or guests, but our family was together.


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